Sunday, May 18, 2008

Engagement party at my house!!

For those of you who read my previous posts you know that I have been busy preparing for an engagement party that I hosted at my house for my cousin and her fiance. She has always wanted a beach wedding, but now that wedding plans are underway, she realized it was not going to be possible to have the wedding on the beach. So we decided to bring the beach to her for the party. And since I live close to the Florida Keys (less than 1 hour away) we drove down there and bought some real starfish and sand dollars to use as decorations! My cousin was thrilled to say the least and we all had a wonderful time! Here are some pictures of the decorations!


Enfys said...

That looks so pretty Ivy, you'll be hosting the wedding now after such a great engagement party :)

chelemom said...

So pretty!!! Hey can you e-mail me? Wanted to chat but can't find a place to e-mail you first! I know on my profile there is a link to my e-mail.

TERIBERI said...

WOOOO HOOOOO this is fabulous DSIL. I love all the real star fish, sand dollars and sea shells you used for this. Those center pieces were to die for. I am so glad this party
was a success. Your cousin is a beautiful person and totally deserved all of this.
Hugs, T