Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I've been tagged!!

Carole Beath from Paper Arts tagged me...so here are the rules: Answer the questions, then tag 5 or 6 of your friends. Go to their blogs and tell them they've been tagged and ask them to visit your blog for details. Here are my questions and answers:

Ten years ago: I was enjoying the summer before my junior year in high school. I decided to go to summer school for the first time ever, not because I needed to go, but because all my friends were doing it and we were all taking the same classes. So...why stay home when we could be having fun in school?

Five things to do today: Finish writing 2 reports for work that I have been putting off all night. Transfer the load of clothes from the washer to the dryer. Get things ready for tomorrow's lunch....(yes, I pack my lunch everyday, it guarantees that I eat healthier!) Read a couple more pages from the novel on my nightstand. Wait up for my hubby to get back from picking up a friend at the airport.

Snacks: Anything chocolate. I actually went to an early dinner with my hubby tonight and had the most delicious chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream for dessert. Yummy!

If I were (to become) a millionaire: I would pay off my house, my parents', and my in-laws' houses. Since I have a big family, I would give some money to everyone in order to help them with something. I would travel the world because that is my favorite thing to do. Definitely invest money ( I would have to talk to a professional about that because I wouldn't even know where to start!). And of course, take my friends on a small shopping spree!!

Places I have lived: Miami, Florida...born and raised!

Alright, I have shared a little bit of myself..now it's time for TeriBeri, Sonia, Regina, Krista, and Michele to share with us!


Bella and Aidee Mom said...

Thanks Ivy...LOL..I will try and get to this today...Fun! FUN! Krista

Regina Easter said...

wow ivy, i loved hearing about ya girl.........and by the way, everytime I look at you and your hubby.....I just smile...you two are such a beautiful couple.........

Crayola58 said...

Oh Ivy, thank you so much for playing the Tag Game. I loved reading your answers.... Regina is right...you and hubby are beautiful people!! I love listening to Michael Buble too....you will notice I have him singing twice on my blog.

DeeDee said...

Awwww, Ivy I loved reading your answers and getting to know you a little better...TFS!!! HUGS!

Sharon Caudle said...

It was great reading about you Ivy! I've left you an award on my blog! HUGS!

michelle said...

Hey Ivy you are popular i have also left you an award !!